At Sole House each pair of shoe is meticulously crafted by hand, blending both traditional and modern shoemaking techniques from beginning to end. At the heart of our philosophy is the notion of striking a delicate balance between design and expert craftsmanship, with every creative expression paying homage to time-honoured traditions.


It involves multiple process . It’s a saga of more than 20 events and 5 Karigars with an end result of one beautiful pair . Shoes with embroideries , end up having more layers of work which begins from embroidery pinning . Its a beautiful process , and it always amazes us , how talented our Artisans are , and how lucky we are to make a pair of Sole House shoe a part of your shoe-drobe.

Our Team

We are a team of 25 Skilled Artisans, both men and women , who work 10 hours everyday to make our designs come to life . We all have been working together for almost 8 years and have seen each other grow as individuals . We believe, magic happens when there is understanding , trust and support . Its a journey that we hope to embark for a lifetime with our hardworking team